Leather Bags SWB0015- "ARIADNI"

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Handmade Leather Bags


 This "Ariadni"  travel leather bag has come to virtually define the luxury travel bag category. With full leather body construction, extended zipper for easy access, uniquely comfortable handles, our travel bag is the perfect companion.Ηigh quality leather with high quality metallic clasp.With a small outside pocket with safe zipper for your keys and cellphone. Whether to the gym or around the world, its classic form and hand-crafted quality will get you there in style.


  • width: 46cm
  • height: 32cm
  • depth: 25cm


Some advices for your leather products:

Use soft white wet cloth, gently wipe your leather bag.Use at a moon point and then wipe it. If you feel satisfied after this treatment with a conditioner (with natural oils) you can restore the shine of the skin.Always test on a small piece of leather eg in your hand bag before using it to be sure about the material you are using.If the skin discolorates, there are special skin sprays that can restore color to the bag. Just find the color that suits it.Do not try solvents cleaning methods will destroy it.

 We take pride in what we do, and what we do is not always easy, We want to make our customers happy and pleasant. We have strict guidelines that ensure our products are of the highest quality and that no short cuts are taken. It all starts with the leather making sure there are no open cuts or weak spots. We use Cretan Polished Calf Skin  leather  for our product is vacketa and you should know in principle that good skin does not burn, is not damaged by heat or cleaning, and unlike any other material it has great resistance to "hassle" and puncture while it is too hard.Quality leather easily withstand everyday use and requires little care to always remain as new.Our good quality skin does not heat up and does not stick in summer, it does not cool or "hardens" in the winter.The skin is a breathable and breathable material that has excellent durability. Usually the life of a quality leather product is as much as the average life of man, that is 50-70 years. The fact that regardless of fashion trends and designs, skin remains always the material of fashion and designers, making leather products never out of the way!